Well all we can say is that I’ve been playing a lot of different cymbals in my career… I’ve discovered T-Cymbals while looking for a new ride. The Metalshop Giantbell Ride blew my mind on a simple Youtube video. I’ve reached the brand, and this is how we started to work together. Let me tell you that the Giantbell Ride is even more unbelievable in real than in video. It is a precise Metal Ride, but with a deep and alive sound. What to say about the rest of the cymbals ? They are simply top quality cymbals, durable, powerful, controlable… T-cymbals have everything you need !

I was looking for a reliable and powerful pedal, with inbuild trigger… Hence Trick Drums USA was the perfect solution for me. Trick Drums USA as the first brand to endorse, and I thank them for their support. 5 years later, my pedals are still in great solution, and the trigger system of a great help !

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